Mileager's - Racine, Wisconsin
Install in-ground hydronic heating systems - Contemporary radiant heat

The guys at MAWI are very easy to work with. They constantly kept me advised of the different ways we could accomplish what we needed to.

Kent Mileager
Mileager's Home & Garden

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. - Building 53 - Racine, Wisconsin
Install chemical reactor with SCJ engineering staff.

Pete's guys dealt with all the everyday hassles very well. They followed the basic plans, but as the job progressed from November to June, they offered good ideas. They were willing to work with me, and I appreciate the flexibility they demonstrated. We got an honest day's work from everyone at MAWI.

Randy Haase
Staff Engineer
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Whittier Elementary School - Kenosha, Wisconsin
Install complete heating and cooling system. Hot water and chilled water.

On this job, there was an added difficulty with a subcontractor who did not fulfill his part of the project. Peter jumped in and did what had to be done to meet the deadline. When we do another project, MAWI will be asked to bid. They did a fine job.

Rex Blake
Facilities Project Manager
Kenosha Unified Schools

Racine Unified High Schools - Horlick, Park and J.I. Case - Racine, Wisconsin

This project is only one of a variety of jobs we've done with MAWI. I'm always very impressed with their quality of work. Peter's a craftsman. He takes pride in his work. There aren't too many of those left today.

Randy Liechty
Vice President
R.J. Miller & Associates

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. - Racine, Wisconsin

MAWI as an organization is professional, courteous, honest and creative. Pete Walquist makes sure the projects they work on are done on time, on budget and meet the high level of quality demanded by our Company.

Kevin Stefanczyk
P.E. Corporate Facilities
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Monroe Clinic - Monroe, Wisconsin
Install a high pressure steam system, chilled water system, system to hot water converters and a complete hot water reheat system in 100,000 square feet, four-story office complex.

This was an extremely demanding job on a tight schedule. The quality of workmanship we received from the MAWI personnel impressed me along with their willingness to go the extra mile. Their overall concern was not to just get the job done, but to get it done right.

Dave Moldenhauer
Marshall Erdmann & Associates

St. Mary's Hospital Cancer Center - Racine, Wisconsin
Complete plumbing installation for this three-story building with attached parking facility. Included water piping, medical bases piping, drain waste and ventilation. Fast track construction of eight months.

What impressed me most about MAWI was their service. They gave the job a lot of attention and were always there with solutions to my problems. Best of all, unlike some big contractors, I saw the owner numerous times and the project manager every week. This was a big plus - especially when you're trying to put a $14.5 million job together in a few months.

Dave Riley
Project Manager
Riley Construction

St. Mary's Hospital - Racine, Wisconsin
Retrofit two (2) 500 ton chillers.

When you hire a contractor, you want a competitive price, but you also want to know he's honest. Peter's also very sharp in his area of expertise and he sticks to what he knows and does it well. The job went painlessly and everything worked very well when it was finished.

Homer Savard
Maintenance Supervisor (Retired)
St. Mary's Hospital

All Saints Healthcare - Racine, Wisconsin
Women's and Children's Center
Complete plumbing installation of this three-story facility for women's and children's health. Included water piping, medical gas piping and drain waste. The new facility has infant intensive care, progressional office suites and surgical rooms.

Communication between the engineer and plumbing contractor is vital to a project of this size. MAWI was very good at keeping the lines of communication open to discuss options and solutions. It's nice to do a site inspection and actually see installed what was designed by the engineer. I feel they met the owner's and engineer's expectations of a quality installation for a high profile project.

Tim Kehoe
Plumbing Designer
Arnold & O'Sheridan Consulting Engineers